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Learning Conference 2024

Event Date: 
18th-19th September 2024, Sweden

Storyals is a proud sponsor of the Learning Conference 2024, hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. Storyals CEO & Founder, Ulrika Hedlund, is invited as a speaker and will take the stage alongside some of Sweden's most prominent industry leaders. This year’s program will primarily be in English, but with some lectures still in Swedish.

Everything is constantly changing. And the pace of change is increasing all the time. To remain competitive, we also need to adapt.

What will it take to avoid being left behind?
How can we develop and make the most of existing talents and characteristics?
How do we lay the foundations for the best innovations?


The Learning Conference is where we discuss the new currency of competition: skills development and lifelong learning. Inspired by leading speakers in Learning & Development we create a forum that is brimming with important conversations and new insights, and lay the foundations for tomorrow’s innovative ways of working.

The goal? To unlock the power of learning and increase flexibility, mobility and efficiency. Because lifelong learning is the cornerstone of the future.


Read more about the conference and register through the Learning Conference webpage


19 september, kl. 13:20 - 13:50
Talare: Ulrika Hedlund, Productivity Expert / CEO, Storyals

Så gör ni digital kompetensutveckling en naturlig del av det dagliga arbetet

Ulrika Hedlund Regional Director

Många organisationer har investerat i Microsoft 365 som plattform för sin digitala arbetsplats. Dessa moln-baserade produktivitetsverktyg som ständigt utvecklas och förändras ställer helt nya krav på att användare lär sig nya digitala arbetssätt. I den här sessionen får du som jobbar med lärande och kompetensutveckling praktiska tips på hur ni kan nyttja de många verktygen i Microsoft 365 ekosystemet för in kontinuerligt lärande som en naturlig del av det dagliga arbetet. Ulrika Hedlund, svensk EdTech Entreprenör och Microsoft produktivitetsexpert, tar med er på en inspirerande resa och visar hur verktyg som Microsoft Teams, Planner, och Copilot kan användas för att bygga in digital kompetensutveckling från dag ett på jobbet.

Read more about the conference and register through the Learning Conference webpage


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