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Webinar: On-boarding Employees in the Hybrid Workplace

Event Date: 
13th June, 2024 - In English

In a hybrid world onboarding of new employees is crucial and can make or break the success of a new hire. So how do you ensure that your new employees feel welcome, connected, and productive in a hybrid work environment?

 In many ways, working digitally is like learning a new language.  What digital channels do we communicate in? What are our “house rules” for communicating and collaborating in our digital platforms? 

At Storyals, we have been onboarding new employees remotely for years, and we have learned some best practices along the way. In this webinar, we will share with you our 5 key steps for how to succeed with employee onboarding in a hybrid workplace.


Learn best practices from Ulrika Hedlund, Storyals CEO and Productivity Expert, who employs modern onboarding methods to welcome new hires to the team.

She will show you how to use Microsoft Planner to provide a simple, visual way to organize your on-boarding. She will also guide you though how to integrate your plan with other productivity apps like Microsoft Teams and To-Do, and how to train your new employee using LMS365 / Learn365


  • Intro: Why the hybrid workplace is like learning a new language!
  • How to use modern apps to streamline employee onboarding?
  • Key steps to a successful hybrid onboarding 
  • Discuss & Share Best Practices 

If you would like to know more about onboarding before the webinar, we recommend you read our blog 5 key steps onboarding employees in the hybrid workplace

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Expert Speaker

Ulrika Hedlund, CEO of Storyals

Ulrika Hedlund

CEO & Productivity Expert

Ulrika is an internationally recognized expert on productivity, modern digital work and Microsoft 365. Ulrika has authored numerous training courses, is a frequent keynote speaker and is supporting corporations around the world in their digital transformation. She is identified as a top technology visionary and selected a trusted advisor to Microsoft as part of their Regional Director Program.

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