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Does your organization have Microsoft 365?

Storyals training is currently available only for Microsoft 365.

How many people are you looking to train?

Storyals is designed for organizations with a minimum of 20 users. Contact us if you are looking for training for a smaller team.

Are you looking for e-learning, instructorled training or a combination of both?

Storyals offers a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training, for the most costeffective and impactful results. Learn more about what Storyals training is all about here or contact us directly.

What system would you like to use for the training?

Select your user range.

Introducing our new Storyals offerings

24 Apr 2019

Today we are officially announcing our new Storyals offerings – Storyals Lite and Storyals Pro. Two SharePoint-based solutions with our unique story-based video content to help organizations transition to a modern workplace on Office 365. We have been working closely with Microsoft on their (officially launched in May 2019) solution – “Microsoft 365 learning pathways“. This new solution provides a modern video streaming service that customers can deploy and access right from their Office 365 environment.




What is Microsoft 365 learning pathways?

Microsoft 365 learning pathways (formerly known as Custom Learning for Office 365) is a customizable, on-demand training solution by Microsoft, designed to increase usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 / Office 365. When the solution was first announced by Microsoft in May 2018, it went under that name Training Services for Office 365. In simple terms, it’s a SharePoint Online Communication site, fully customizable pre-populated with structured training content. The training videos are streamed and kept up to date by Microsoft.

Why Storyals and Microsoft 365 learning pathways?

Knowing how a product works is one thing. Understanding how to get the most out of Office 365 and change your work style – that’s a completely different ball game.

Storyals builds on top of the content provided by Microsoft 365 learning pathways. It adds unique story-based tutorials and expert guidance on how to work smarter with Office 365 in real-life scenarios. We also provide customers with the option to customize Storyals videos and portal design to align with the corporate’s branding and messaging. Driving effective use of Office 365 is a continuous journey, now organizations can get help in that journey with Storyals.


“We have been working closely with the Microsoft product team in Redmond to develop our solution and we are very proud of the result. With Storyals’ unique story-based video content and built-in Office 365 know-how, combined with Microsoft’s product training and learning portal framework, we really have a killer solution. The Storyals learning portals will help organizations world-wide transition to a modern workplace on Office 365.” – Ulrika Hedlund (Founder of Storyals)


Two offerings to meet all organizational needs

Storyals comes in two different offerings – Storyals Lite and Storyals Pro. Both versions include Storyals’ unique, story-based video content and Microsoft’s provisioned product tutorial videos, in a pre-populated SharePoint communication site. With Storyals Lite, organizations can quickly and easily provide their users with access to all the Storyals Office 365 content. Users can test their knowledge with basic quizzes and receive generic completion certificates. You can learn more about Storyals Lite here.


Storyals Lite | © Storyals


What many organizations experience driving adoption is the need for “a carrot and a stick” methodology. Just having great content isn’t enough, you need to be able to assign and track adoption on an individual level. With Storyals Pro, organizations get advanced management tools. They include the ability to:

  1. assign topics to users,
  2. provide users with automatically-generated reminders,
  3. personalize certificates,
  4. personalize dashboards,
  5. access leaderboards and
  6. access advanced reporting.

You can learn more about Storyals Pro here.

Storyals Pro | © Storyals

How does it work?

Once you sign up for a subscription for your organization, Storyals Lite or Storyals Pro is installed remotely during an online meeting. Leveraging Bindtuning’s clever packaging and Provisioning solution, the Storyals portal with all of its content can swiftly be deployed and updated as needed. The Storyals Administrator within your organization can modify what Storyals/Microsoft Office 365 training content to feature. Just follow the video-based guidance provided on the Storyals admin page.

To learn more

Since Office 365 is constantly changing, organizations struggle to keep users informed and excited about new enhancements. Storyals provide organizations with a modern way to inspire, motivate and educate their employees. To learn more, book a demo to see how you can leverage Storyals to help your organization transition to a modern workplace!

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