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Does your organization have Microsoft 365?

Storyals training is currently available only for Microsoft 365.

How many people are you looking to train?

Storyals is designed for organizations with a minimum of 20 users. Contact us if you are looking for training for a smaller team.

Are you looking for e-learning, instructorled training or a combination of both?

Storyals offers a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training, for the most costeffective and impactful results. Learn more about what Storyals training is all about here or contact us directly.

What system would you like to use for the training?

Select your user range.

Webinar with BindTuning’s and Storyals’ founders

13 Jun 2019

A few weeks back, Microsoft announced the Beta Preview of Microsoft 365 learning pathways. We have been working closely with Microsoft and our partner BindTuning to include Microsoft 365 learning pathways into our Storyals offerings and to provide customers with a quick and easy way to effectively drive Office 365 user adoption within their organizations.

On Wednesday, June 19th, we are hosting a joint webinar where BindTuning Founder and CEO Beatriz Oliveira and Storyals Founder Ulrika Hedlund will be sharing more details about the deployment as a service offering Automate365 and how it is used to deploy Storyals’ SharePoint-based solutions within a matter of minutes – instead of days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear the founders talk about this innovative solution.

Webinar details

Date: June 19th, 2019

Time: 11 AM EST

Registration link (ended)


About BindTuning

BindTuning is the leading platform for building connected and engaged workplaces for SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. It includes all the tools you need for creating modern intranet experiences, driving user adoption, providing easier ways for sharing information and transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate. The BindTuning framework is being used by some of the world’s leading brands and organizations, with over 20,000 businesses since 2011.

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