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Are you really working effectively in Microsoft Teams?

31 May 2021

Take Storyals’ free Microsoft Teams Maturity Assessment to get the full picture and identify your untapped potential.

Over the last few years, a significant number of organizations have rolled out Microsoft Teams. Many have been positively surprised by how well people have adapted to this new way of working remotely. But the question is – how effectively are people really using Microsoft Teams?




Microsoft Teams introduces a new holistic way of working together – a modern way to communicate and collaborate through a single appInstead of sending email messages, communication is done in more informal chat-based forumsInstead of attaching files that you independently work onMicrosoft Teams offers real-time co-authoring of the same documentInstead of meeting face to face, you conduct meetings online and brainstorm on digital whiteboardsEven as people go back to the office – going back to outdated, less efficient work habits won’t be an option.


Since this modern, digital workstyle is here to stay, the question is – how well are we using Microsoft Teams? Are most of us just “getting by” or are we really mastering this application, which for many is now what we use for a majority of our work?


Teams maturity assessment form and report | © Storyals


Hand to heart – how effectively are you using Microsoft Teams?

So, with the new reality of our modern workplace – be it remote, in-office or hybrid, the question is, how effectively are you using Microsoft Teams? Have you received sufficient training and insights on best practicesAnd are you managing to keep up to speed with all the changes and updates that are constantly presented to us? We’ll help you find out!


Storyals has developed a self-assessment that you can take for free to test your Teams maturity. After taking the assessment, you will get a personalized report providing you with a better understanding of your Microsoft Teams usage, how well you have adopted these new ways of working, and what untapped potential you have yet to discover. The report will help you identify any gaps and provide steps you can take to develop your digital skills.


The Teams Maturity Assessment can also give managers and team leaders a better understanding of what training their team members need to bridge the gap between tech and relevant know-how.


How does it work?

The assessment is easy and only takes a few minutes. You will be provided with ten statements describing various usage scenarios of Microsoft Teams. Once you have submitted your assessment you will receive a personalized report that summarizes your results. The report will also give you recommendations for what you can do to increase your knowledge level of Microsoft Teams.Teams maturity assessment form and report | © Storyals


How can it be used?

People don’t know what they don’t know. If you have no insights into your own ignorance, you are unaware of your growth potential. With this tool, you will get a better picture of your skill gap and guidance on increasing your skills. The assessment can also be a great asset for team owners to point their team members to. If some team members don’t know how to use @mentions to communicate, participate in digital meetings or share or collaborate on documents, the team as a whole, will not reach its full potential. 

We hope you will find this tool useful and that it will help you and your team get a better understanding of how you can increase your skills and unleash more of your untapped potential!


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