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Does your organization have Microsoft 365?

Storyals training is currently available only for Microsoft 365.

How many people are you looking to train?

Storyals is designed for organizations with a minimum of 20 users. Contact us if you are looking for training for a smaller team.

Are you looking for e-learning, instructorled training or a combination of both?

Storyals offers a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training, for the most costeffective and impactful results. Learn more about what Storyals training is all about here or contact us directly.

What system would you like to use for the training?

Select your user range.

Introducing Storyals new look

12 Nov 2020

Storyals takes another big step with a new visual identity

As a fast-moving start-upwe are constantly finding new ways to innovate and communicate our unique value propositionAs we take the next step on our journey, we have decided to modernize and refresh our brand identity.




Our new logo, as seen below, with the three nuances of orange, better symbolizes our mission – to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE people to increase their digital workplace productivity. Every day we find new, innovative ways to spread joy and dazzle the world with our creativity and put a splash of fresh color on the otherwise quite bland IT-industry.


New Storyals logo | © Storyals


Since we help people around the world build digital skills using Microsoft 365. We also want the Storyals logo to naturally blend with the many other logos in the Microsoft 365 offeringOur new Storyals logo is in perfect harmony with the rest of the Microsoft 365 app logos.



We hope that you will come to love our new visual identity just as much as we do! 😊

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