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Best Practices for Digital Workplace Managers

07 sep 2023

Carlos Castaneda, Manager Digital Workplace Solutions at Lantmännen, shares his best tips for Digital Workplace Managers or Digital Workplace Leads. 


Carlos Castaneda_Lantmännen
What recommendations would you give someone who is just starting in the role of a “Digital Workplace Manager”?

"The first thing of importance is to clearly set the scope. People have very different perspectives of the role of the Digital Workplace Manager, so you need to clearly define what you plan to deliver - and share that with your stakeholders. A good recommendation is to start with a “Stakeholder Review”. Ask questions related to the Digital Workplace today and tomorrow. What works well? How did it work in the past and how would you want it to work? What are true pain points? By asking smart questions you can find the low hanging fruit that you can address to get quick wins."

"Make a roadmap for what you plan to execute on, and in what order. When you have proper business requirements, it is easier for you to go back to your stakeholder and ask for the required resources."


What data points do you use to measure your success?

"In addition to the Microsoft Adoption Score, and usage reports, we do a bi-annual “Digital Workplace Health Index” survey. This way we can measure what employees think about our digital workplace and we can see how it tracks over time."

Is there something else you are doing that you would like to share as best practice?

"We have just kicked off a new initiative to further encourage cross-functional idea sharing and alignment focused on the overall “Employee Experience.” We will be gathering key stakeholders from within HR, Communications, IT and other Business Units for a strategy and roadmap sharing session bi-annually. Our team will be sharing exciting innovations that we are working on with Microsoft Viva and Copilot and the other teams will be sharing their big strategic goals for the year. By doing this we are raising the bar even further when it comes to providing the ideal digital workplace for Lantmännen to deliver on our overall business goals. I hope this will be the best practice for others to follow!"

We also recommend you read our blog article Why a Digital Workplace Manager is key to Business Success!


Don't have a Digital Workplace Manager yet?

To help you recruit the right Digital Workplace Manager for your organization, or to help you find a consultant that fits the role, we drafted a job description you can use as a template. Download the template for free through the link below!



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