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Storyals  erbjuder en kombination av e-learning och instruktörsledd utbildning för att så kostnadseffektivt och bra som möjligt uppnå önskade resultat. Lär mer om hur Storyals produkter fungerar här eller kontakta oss direkt.

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Storyals Story-based Training Digitally Empowers Frontline Workers

28 feb 2023

Storyals is, as the first provider in the world, launching story-based training courses, developed, and tailored to digitally upskill frontline workers using Microsoft 365.


For the past year we have been collaborating with organizations around the world and from a variety of industries, to understand how and when they use digital tools in their frontline operations. Whether we are talking about retail personnel, cabin crew, drivers, delivery and security personnel or factory workers – the need for digital communication and information sharing is apparent.


Microsoft 365 contains a rich set of digital tools to increase productivity, improve collaboration and communication and boost results if utilized effectively.


The shift to digitize frontline work is already happening. Major international organizations have already taken the step to transform operations and go digital using Microsoft 365.


Companies such as the furniture giant IKEA, the public transportation company Mowasalat and Swedish retailer Kjell & Co, are only a few examples of organizations that are utilizing Microsoft Teams to modernize communications and work processes. Many sectors still rely on traditional, and paper-based processes to deliver and share information for frontline coworkers. One of the largest challenges when rolling out IT-systems, especially for this diverse and large work group, which is also often geographically spread out, is training and changing behaviors.


Storyals new courses targeting mobile workFrontline courses I © Storyals

Storyals has, together with a global high-tech engineering group, developed and produced a unique training series comprised of five courses, tailored for frontline workers and mobile work using Microsoft 365. Storyals courses leverage the power of storytelling, best practices and real-life scenarios, to make the learning easy to digest, effective and engaging.


The courses can be made available to customers with voice overs and subtitles in over 100+ desired languages to further support learning in the local language. Leveraging modern apps such as Viva Learning and Microsoft Teams, or existing learning management systems, organizations can ensure their frontline workers are given the adequate training on how to work safely and effectively, with the digital tools they are provided with.



“We are so excited about being able to provide training for this often-overlooked work group. Most of them are already using digital tools in their personal lives and are eager for their organizations to provide them with digital tools and proper guidance in the workplace” says Storyals CEO, Ulrika Hedlund.


Storyals courses for frontline workers are available as part of  Storyals training product.

Contact us for more information.



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